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Upload a Scheme

So, your scheme is ready, and all you want is to upload it here? No problem, just use the following form. The scheme file you upload must be in *.wsc format and must be either 221 or 297 bytes long; replays file must be in *.WAgame format (max. 3 MB). All files must be valid.

If this field is empty, the uploaded file's name will be used instead.
If you wish, you can write a short description that will be shown under the scheme's name in the Scheme List. This description is limited to 255 characters.
Describe your scheme here! You should tell:
  • special rules (such as CBA, AFR, no sitting grenade...), if there are any;
  • the recommended amount of worms per team;
  • what kind of maps to use, if your scheme requires special maps...

There's nothing better than replays to show people how your scheme works. Thus, you can upload some example replays here (if you want to upload more than 5 - which sounds like a lot! - then you'll need to upload them 5 by 5).
Who can upload example replays?

Will other users be allowed to comment your scheme?
Please answer the question in order to prove me you aren't a bot.

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