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View a Scheme: Black-Hole Golf by sbs (#811)

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Name: Black-Hole Golf.
Author: sbs.

Created on: 26/11/2018 03:05:38.
Last edited on: 27/11/2018 01:05:03.

Required Version: Beta or later with RubberWorm.

Game Settings
Initial Worm Energy: 1 HP. Victories Required: 1 Select Worm: Off Worm Placement: Manual
Anchor Mode: On Stockpiling Mode: Off Stockpiling Mode: Off Fall Damage: 0
Time Settings
Turn Time: 10s Round Time: 30 min(s)
Retreat Time: 0s Retreat Time: 0s
Hot Seat Delay: 10s Display Round Time: Off
Weapon Upgrade Settings
Upgraded Grenade: Off Upgraded Shotgun: Off Aqua Sheep: Off
Upgraded Cluster Weapons: Off Upgraded Longbow: Off
I. Replays
Instant Action Replays: On
Hazardous Object Settings
Object Types: 0<br />Max Object Count: 0
Weapon Settings
Team Weapons: Off Super Weapons: Off
Grenade Inf. 255 0 0
Teleport Inf. 1 0 0
Holy Hand Grenade Inf. 255 0 0

Double Damage: Off.

Crate Probability Settings
Weapon Crate Probability: 0 % Initial Worm Energy: 0 HP.
Health Crate Probability: 0 %
Utility Crate Probability: 0 %
SD Settings
Sudden Death Event:Nuclear Test
Water Rise Speed: 0
General Settings
Blood: On Sheep Heaven: Off
Invincibility: On Invincibility: On
Rubber Worm Settings
Shot Doesn't End Turn (sdet): On. Automatic Reaiming (reaim): On.
Unlock "Shot Doesn't End Turn" weapons (usw): Off. Circular Aiming (cira): Off.
Loss of Control Doesn't End Turn (ldet): Off. Antilock Power (alp): On.
Fire Doesn't Pause Timer (fdpt): On. Kaosmod: None.
Improved Rope (ir/rope+): Off. Knocking Force (knock): Default (1×).
Continuous Crate Shower (crateshower): Off. Crate Rate and Crate Counter (craterate): Default (1).
Objects Can Be Pushed By Explosions (ope): Off. Crate Limit (cratelimit): Default (5).
Weapons Don't Change Automatically (wdca): Off. Flames Limit (flames): Default (200).
Extended Fuse (fuseex): On. Anti Worm Sink (antisink): Off.
Friction: Default (96). Speed: Default (16).
Select Worm Anytime during the Turn (swat): Off. Wind Influence (wind): Default (0).
Air Resistance (visc): 1 - affects both worms and objects. Worm Bounciness (rubber): Default (0%).
Gravity Modifications (gravity/cbh/pbh): 8. Black Hole: Constant.
Emulated Version:[RacingStuff].

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